The Story

Ouie was founded by Louie Cresswell in 2019 as a creative space for continuous experimentation. Commencing as a range of accessories and findings, the brand organically shifted to a more enduring medium – fine jewellery. Through its collections and creative output the brand unites the worlds of luxury, fashion, music, art and product design. Louie’s inspired approach to the medium of jewellery remains idiosyncratic and deeply conceptual yet relatable to a broad global audience.

the process

Established in the late 1960s, Ouie's factory is home to a team of skilled artisans who harbour generations of knowledge and experience. These artisans work tirelessly to bring Ouie’s creations to life, casting, polishing, and finishing each piece with expert precision.

The first cast and finished prototype is a chance to really experience a version of the finished piece. The weight and proportions are examined, each surface is checked with a microscope, and stone settings are inspected. This is the meticulous attention to detail that goes unnoticed but makes an Ouie piece so special.

The founder

Born in Brighton, United Kingdom, Louie Cresswell is a self-taught jewellery designer and founder of Ouie. Hailing from a creative family his enthusiasm for creativity started early and grew as he became fascinated by ergonomic shapes, tactile surfaces and functional mechanisms, planting a seed that would ultimately lead to the creation of Ouie.

After spending time working in creative production and styling for the majority of his career, Louie turned his attention towards the world of jewellery after building the foundations of his own brand during the pandemic. While working on a design for a range of accessories he became dissatisfied with the quality and impermanence of the findings and experimented with solid precious metals. It’s here that Cresswell began to craft the principles of his practice.