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introducing ouie

Ouie was founded by Louie Cresswell in 2019 as a creative space for continuous experimentation. Our collections of fine jewellery are created with a focus on permanence and perfection, all products are handmade in London, United Kingdom from the highest quality, recycled metals and carefully selected gemstones.

Each collection of jewellery explores the concepts of resurrection and rebirth for the common object through play and perception. The products draw inspiration from the often overlooked objects and mechanisms, reinventing and reimagining them as precious wearable creations that will stand the test of time.


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made for you

Tailor made to suit any personality, ouie keychains are modular and can be made bespoke for you with your choice of gold links. choose a silver Keychain with one gold keyring link for a special gift and add more links down the line or start with 5 and build your way up to a half and half chain.